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HomeTeam FAQs

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Product Background

What is ReflexAI’s HomeTeam program?
We’re excited you’re interested in learning more about our support program. We’ve built this program in collaboration with independent clinicians and hundreds of veterans to ensure the content and participant experience is as representative of the veteran experience as possible.

HomeTeam is a free, online educational program that equips veterans to support peers with their mental health. Short video modules are paired with practice simulations in which participants can apply what they've learned. The training has been built in collaboration with independent clinicians and input from hundreds of veterans to ensure the experience is representative.
Is it really free?
Yes. The veteran community is very close to ReflexAI, as 80% of our team are veterans or family members of a veteran. We want to ensure all veterans can benefit from our program, regardless of financial status.

We know that veterans are regularly approached by organizations that charge for support services. Often these services are difficult to navigate and fall short of expectations. That’s why we’re committed to making this program free to veterans. In 2022, we received a grant from Google.org to fully fund the development of a free online program to help veterans better support the mental health of their peers - that program is HomeTeam. 

By making HomeTeam completely free, we believe it has the potential to reach millions of vets across identities and with a diverse set of experiences. We also hope that it can highlight the possibilities available when AI is used to improve the lives of individuals who belong to underserved communities
Is HomeTeam part of the VA?
HomeTeam is not affiliated in any way with the Department of Veterans Affairs.
What will I get out of the training?
HomeTeam equips participants with the skills needed to support fellow veterans in moments that matter the most. In two hours or less, participants can gain competence and increase their confidence in their ability to support another veteran.
How is your program different from others available?
There are several successful tools created to help veterans overcome their mental health struggles. We stand out because we’re one of the only educational programs that is completely online and the only one that leverages powerful artificial intelligence to let participants practice these important conversations in a low-risk environment before bringing them into their real-world relationships.
Is this training only for veterans?
The veteran community is large and diverse, and includes family members, friends, and other loved ones. While our program was built with veterans in mind, it can be helpful for anyone who wants to learn how to better support the veterans in their lives.


What will participants learn in the training?
According to our research, 92% of veterans want to help others who are struggling with mental health but 25% don’t feel confident engaging in these conversations. Our training aims to bridge the gap between intention and execution by equipping veterans with the skills and knowledge they need to support each other. 

In two hours or less, participants can increase their competence in a range of topics, including but not limited to communicating with empathy, talking about suicide, taking steps to keep veterans safe, and connecting others to the resources they need. 
How long does the training take?
Many veterans lead busy lives. That’s why we’ve intentionally made our training as succinct as possible without sacrificing quality. Each of HomeTeam’s four modules will take between 15 and 30 minutes to complete. Participants can complete the training in two hours or less and have the ability to do it at their own pace.

Privacy & Technology

What personal information do I need to provide to sign up for HomeTeam?
We understand that content regarding mental health and higher risk groups, like veterans, can be sensitive, which is why our training has been built with privacy best practices at the forefront of our approach. During registration, the only required personal information we collect is your name and email address. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.
How is AI used in this tool?
As participants complete each training module, practicing what they’ve learned helps the information stick and give them confidence when taking these conversations into the real world. Participants can do this by engaging in text-based conversations with a trained AI simulation that takes on the persona of a veteran in specific scenarios.
How does the AI simulation know how to talk like a veteran?
Our AI simulation has been trained on data sets compiled by the ReflexAI team in partnership with veterans and clinicians who have helped us create role-play transcripts that cover a range of topics. These transcripts help the AI learn how to take on the persona of a veteran to allow participants to practice their skills in realistic scenarios.


Where can I learn more about ReflexAI and HomeTeam?
Please visit reflexai.com or contact us with additional questions.

Still have questions?

Please visit reflexai.com or contact us with additional questions.
Want to learn more? See how HomeTeam equips veterans with the skills and knowledge to support each other in dealing with mental health issues.

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HomeTeam is a completely free educational program. Sign up now to start learning the skills you need to support the veterans in your life with their mental health.