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We believe in transparency. And we know that folks want to hear more when it comes to mental health tools.
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Who we are

HomeTeam was created by ReflexAI, an organization that builds tools for crisis services, social services, and healthcare professionals. We take a unique approach that uses AI to train and empower individuals in critical moments.

Many of us are veterans or have veterans in our lives, so we’re passionate about using our expertise to serve people who have been in the military. That’s why we made HomeTeam, an innovative tool that addresses the specific challenges that veterans face.

HomeTeam was created by ReflexAI with support from Google.org

How we incorporated expertise

We developed HomeTeam with the help of independent mental health clinicians who specialize in working with veterans and in suicide prevention. We’ve also incorporated insights from over 600 veterans from diverse backgrounds and with experiences in different branches of the military. Informed by the latest in mental health research and veterans’ real-life experiences, our modules and simulations are tailored to the specific needs of former service members.
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How we use AI

HomeTeam’s four educational modules each feature a chat simulation, powered by AI. This tool quickly generates a dynamic training scenario to help you engage in realistic, interactive simulation before bringing these conversations into your own life.
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AI-powered training scenarios

Our AI-powered chat simulation features a virtual character who plays the role of a veteran going through a difficult time. This means you’ll get to try out the communication techniques you’ve just learned with this character, before applying those skills in real-life conversations with veterans in your life.

Practicing what you've learned

HomeTeam is based on the belief that practice is a key component of learning. After going through the educational videos and exercises, our chat simulation allows you to apply your new skills in context so you're prepared to have impactful conversations about mental health in the real world.

Building trust

Your privacy is important to us. And, we know that trust is foundational to any learning experience. Our chat simulation is designed to offer a low-stakes, private environment where you can take your new skills for a test run.

Are you ready?

HomeTeam is a completely free educational program. Sign up now to start learning the skills you need to support the veterans in your life with their mental health.